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Myrtle Beach police arrest two men in robbery

Two men are jailed today on robbery charges after Myrtle Beach police arrested them in connection with an incident in the parking lot of a hotel, according to a police report.

Ricardo Rodriguez, 21, and Jordan Marsh Taylor, 20, were each charged with robbery after being arrested early Tuesday, according to Myrtle Beach police.

Officers were called about 11:45 p.m. Monday to a parking area at 14th Avenue North and Withers Driver where a couple told police two men tried to rob them after they parked their vehicle, according to the report. The 68-year-old man and his wife told police they were approached by two men, who had their hands inside their jackets and motion that they had guns.

The couple said one of the men told them "This is a hold up," but the couple did not see any weapons, according to the report. The man said two hotel security officers were walking toward them with flashlights and the two men ran away.

Details about the arrest of Rodriguez and Taylor were not immediately available.