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New golf product to the market

Tour Edge introduces new hybrid

Tour Edge Golf says its new XCG-4 hybrid has a quintessential head shape and exact engineering to produce one of the purest hitting hybrids on the market. The XCG-4's design includes a maraging steel cup face and crown that is welded to the heavier tungsten sole. The company's engineers chose maraging steel over stainless steel because it possesses superior strength and toughness without losing malleability. Tour Edge says the lightweight ultra-thin maraging steel cup face and crown launch the ball with less spin and faster speed than stainless steel so your shots can fly higher and further.

The majority of the hybrid's weight is in the rear heel and toe of the tungsten sole, which is achieved by the heavy 133-gram tungsten sole plate. By shifting more weight below the ball, the resulting center of gravity is extremely deep, helping the clubface square at impact with a lot of force for a quick launch and longer, more accurate shots.

For a pure energy transfer at impact, two internal weight pads improve sound, feel and the center of gravity location and contribute to the low spin rate and ideal launch angle that lifts shots quickly and lands them softly. Tour Edge guarantees the Exotics XCG-4 hybrid is longer than your current hybrid. The club has a suggested retail of $199. Call 1-800-515-3343 or visit