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Artists announced for Legends in Concert tribute show in Myrtle Beach

The opening lineup of performers for the Legends in Concert tribute show were announced today, according to a news release.

The tribute artists, who were named today, will perform March 17 when the show debuts at the new theater located adjacent to Planet Hollywood at Broadway at the Beach, the release shows. The site has been undergoing a $2 million renovation to make way for the show, which includes a 600-seat theater, projected stage with seating on three sides, retractable chandeliers, side stage monitors and other additions.

The artists will portray Elvis, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Little River, The Blues Brothers and Jay Leno, who will make limited appearances from March 17 to April 9.

The artists include Victor Trevino Jr., as Elvis; William Hall as Michael Jackson; Sandy Anderson as Dolly Parton; Garry Moore as Little Richard; Marcel Forestieri as Jay Leno; and Eric Martin and Carmen Romano as The Blues Brothers.

"This outstanding group of performers is on the A-team of tribute artists, and so they are ideal to kick-start our season at our new location at Broadway at the Beach,” said Chris Beattie, regional general manager for Legends in Concert. “We're excited to have them take the stage in our new state-of-the-art theater and we guarantee an all-around wonderful show.”