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Bravo to the two young guys walking in Coastal Grand Mall (on) Thursday evening holding hands, thus expressing their love for each other. And it was obvious they were in love. We need more LGBT people who aren't afraid to express their feelings in public. Thanks guys for being out and proud.


Leave Dustin alone. I'm going to guess you recently got a DUI and had to handle the situation you were in... once you sobered up of course. Instead of worrying about Dustin and all of his success, why don't you worry about getting yourself home sober tonight? Thank you.


To the man who was going to break into my car at the Conway Library, on Feb. 16:

Nice camouflage outfit. Too bad it didn't help. See, we were on the top floor, with a great view of the parking lot that is behind the library. And I SAW you casually walk by, like you were taking a short cut and then you got closer to the car, and then you looked to both sides to see if anyone was watching you, and then you were trying to figure out how you would go about breaking in. And for what? There were a few CDs in there. Are you THAT desperate? You are SO lucky my fiancé decided to swing around the block and pick me up, rather than chase you, you imbecile.