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Tiffany Corinne Duval, 28

Occupation: Bartender

Hometown: Curwensville, Pa.

Current residence: Myrtle Beach

This Pennsylvania native sounds like a low-maintenance free spirit, with natural beauty and ways to stay fit outside of the conventional gym, including hula-hooping, skating and boogey-boarding, when she's not pulling double-duty behind the bars at City Line Saloon and Rickey's Dockside.

If you want to catch her eye, you have to be interesting and be well-versed in conspiracy theories - perhaps Yoda has taught her a thing or two about mind control.

But watch out all you Pauly D and The Situation wannabes; she's into the Carolina shore, not "Jersey Shore."

"All natural, Tiffany is beautiful without makeup,'' says her Lust List nominator Jennifer Shipman. "She's as sharp as a tack so don't underestimate her. She likes rollerblading, philosophy, cooking, camping, reading, conspiracy theories and is a master hula hooper. She makes everybody she meets fall in love instantly with her Jedi mind tricks. She is very down to earth and treats everybody like family. She is the type that probably won't vote for herself in this contest. And did I mention she has an identical twin sister?"

Let's find out more about this Lust List finalist in her own words.

QUESTION | Do you work out or are you naturally hot?

ANSWER | Go to the gym, hula hoop, skate, boogie board.

Q. | Do you have any hidden talents and if so, what are they?

A. | (I can) text really fast.

Q. | Do you have any irrational fears, like being scared of clowns?

A. | AAAAAH! Did you say clowns?

Q. | What's playing on your iPod, Android or other personal media device right now?

A. | Bassnectar - I discovered them at Bonnaroo and have been a fan ever since.

Q. | If someone wants to pique your interest romantically, they will?

A. | Be interesting.

Q. | What physical or other attribute are you most commonly complimented for?

A. | My right and left...eyes.

Q. | If you're in a relationship, how did you win over your mate, i.e. what was your move?

A. | Jedi mind control.

Q. | What turns you on?

A. | Intelligence.

Q. | What turns you off?

A. | Drunken cockiness.

Q. | What is one thing that you'd change about the Grand Strand?

A. | Bigger waves.

Q. | Do you have any tattoos, and if so, where are they located on our body and what do they depict?

A. I have one - "I just turned 18" tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder.

Q. | Finish this sentence: I won't date anyone who ________________?

A. | Looks or acts like they're from "Jersey Shore."

Q. | Is it better to be loved or to be lusted after?

A. | Loved.

Q. | If you're going out for a night on the town, how long does it take you to get ready?

A. | I don't get ready, I just go.

Q. | What's your quirkiest quirk?

A. | I like conspiracy theories.

Q. | What's your nickname, and how did it come about?

A. | Nico. My Dad used to sing "Tiffanico is a freak-o" to me all the time.

Q. | How the hell did you wind up on Weekly Surge's 2011 Lust List?

A. | I owe it to my friends.