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Deborah Faye Carone, 24

Occupation: Beverage Cart/Snack Bar at Arrowhead Country Club, full-time student (online) at Horry Georgetown Technical

Hometown: Whiteville, N.C.

Current residence: Myrtle Beach

It sounds like this vivacious Carolina Gal has her hands full, juggling school books with doing the books for her husband's electrical business, while also working a beverage cart/snack bar job.

A full-time college student (online), she is also an avid animal person and she still finds time to take her dogs to the park, and she's passionate about humane treatment of our furry friends - unless they're spiders or snakes.

And she's not without blonde ambitions, however, says her Lust List nominator Christie Wren.

"Hot Southern girl with great attitude and always a bright smile," said Wren. "Has patience. Lightens the mood with blonde moments. Does a perfect impression of the Geico 'pothole' commercial. Wife, sister, auntie, friend and mom to two pups. She has it all."

When it comes to music she's kind of a throwback, with a soft spot for old school tunes across multiple genres, from Simon and Garfunkel to the Notorious B.I.G.

But she's not enamored with the spot-light hogging Kanye West, citing him as a turn-off.

Let's find out what turns this Lust List finalist on, then.

QUESTION | Do you work out or are you naturally hot?

ANSWER | If I could get paid for working out I would do it 24/7, however, that is not the case. I take walks and take my dogs to the park, but that is the extent of my workout.

Q. | How did you win over your husband, i.e. what was your move?

A. | I think we both won each other over with our (while such a cliché) sense of humor. While looks always have a main part in attraction, it takes a great personality to keep the fire going. We both know how to keep each other smiling regardless of hard times.

Q. | What turns you on?

A. | My husband when he dances; and his smile.

Q. | What is one thing that you'd change about the Grand Strand?

A. | Well, I would say the helmet law but thank the Lord they did that on their own, so I would have to say the lack in animal shelters. While silly as this may sound, I love animals and I recently went there and they do not have enough space or enough help. More awareness of our animals and the treatment of them.

Q. | What's your nickname, and how did it come about?

A. | I have a was "Squeaks" when I worked at Hooters ( I get a loud pitched voice when I think someone is mad at me); another is Dirty Deb (because I was the absolute opposite in high school, total angel so it as ironic, promise); and Babe (from my husband, just a regular thing).

Q. | How the hell did you wind up on Weekly Surge's 2011 Lust List?

A. | My crazy friend Christie Wren texted me at midnight telling me she was putting me on this list and I had no choice but to say yes. I feel honored to be on here with so many other deserving people. I never had the extra money to get my bridal portraits made before our wedding, so to be able to be in a photo shoot would be my second chance, I feel.