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Christopher Neil Wilkerson, 27

Occupation: Hair-stylist/salon owner

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Current Residence: Myrtle Beach

This Carolina native son is no stranger to Surge readers as he appeared on the cover of our July 9, 2009 issue as himself, and his alter drag-ego Kristina DeeVine.

Besides maintaining his fabulous look with some cardio workouts, he makes the world a better place by keeping clients happy and fashionable as a hair stylist and co-owner of The BeeHive Salon in Myrtle Beach.

"Chris an amazing hairstylist and make-up artist, and just too good looking for words," said his Lust List nominator Joey Lilly. "His personality, good looks, charm and skill as a hairstylist should put him at the top of anyone's Lust List."

Despite working in the beauty industry, he swears it only takes him 45 minutes to get ready for a night on the town.

Let's see what else this Lust List finalist has to say.

QUESTION | Do you have any hidden talents and if so, what are they?

ANSWER | I am also a singer/entertainer.

Q. | Do you have any irrational fears, like being scared of clowns?

A. | Spiders.

Q. | What's playing on your iPod, Android or other personal media device right now?

A. | Tammy Wynette.

Q. | If someone wants to pique your interest romantically, they will?

A. | If someone wanted to pique my interest romantically they have to have a beautiful smile.

Q. | What physical or other attribute are you most commonly complimented for?

A. | I am most commonly complemented on my eyes and my lips.

Q. | What turns you on and what turns you off?

A.| Turn on: making me laugh, positive attitudes, beautiful smiles, and smoldering eyes. Turn off: negative attitudes.

Q. | What is one thing that you'd change about the Grand Strand?

A. | If I could change one thing about the Grand Strand it would be better shopping. Less outlets, more designers.

Q. | Do you have any tattoos, and if so, where are they located on our body and what do they depict?

A. | No tattoos on my of yet.

Q. | Finish this sentence: I won't date anyone who ________________.

A. | I won't date anyone who won't allow me to be myself, or try and change who I am.

Q. | Is it better to be loved or to be lusted after?

A. | Loved AND lusted after.

Q. | What's your quirkiest quirk?

A. | My quirkiest quirk? My underwear has to match whatever I am wearing.