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Big city feel keeps Boca bumpin'

Sounds | Dual deejays crank the music at Club Boca to make the party come alive. You'll hear mainstream, Latin, house, techno and hip-hop music. Club Boca also brings in celebrity guests. Upcoming Spring Break events include an appearance by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (from "Jersey Shore" and "Dancing with the Stars") on March 9 and DJ Kay Jay (Playboy-model-turned-deejay) on March 19.

Sights | A big city-style club in little ol' Myrtle Beach - that's what Club Boca is all about. The owners bring a touch of Vegas, a splash of Miami and a boat load of party music to create the vibe at Club Boca at Broadway at the Beach. It is connected to two other adjacent clubs - Malibu's Surf Bar and Froggy Bottomz. Whereas Malibu's Surf Bar is a beach party atmosphere and Froggy Bottomz features live entertainment, Club Boca has more of an upscale nightclub and lounge feel.

Patrons 18 years and older are allowed in, but the atmosphere draws an older crowd than Malibu's Surf Bar, for example. You'll mostly see patrons 25 years and older. Perhaps they're transplanted locals, craving a taste of the nightclubs they used to have back home, or tourists here to let loose and have a vacation to remember. The one thing everyone has in common - they're dancing, drinking and having fun.

An impressive laser light show glazes over the dance floor as people bust a move. If you don't get mesmerized by the green laser lights, you can enjoy watching dancers from the upstairs balcony, or you can retreat to Mango's martini bar, a lounge with couches, high-top tables, bar stools and a small bar with friendly bartenders. You might have better luck snagging a drink from the less-populated Mango's bar. Then again, hitting up the large main bar inside Club Boca keeps you close to the dance floor so you won't miss any action.

Story | This will be the 17th summer party goers head to Club Boca to have a good time. The nightclub opened in 1995 as a part of Celebrations Nitelife. The owners of Celebrations Nitelife, six people from West Virginia, own four establishments in Celebrity Circle at Broadway at the Beach - Club Boca, Malibu's Surf Bar, Froggy Bottomz and Broadway Louie's. Club Boca was created with the intent to resemble a nightclub in Miami or Las Vegas, and it still carries that atmosphere today. Look for enhancements to the bar by Spring.

Style | Patrons flaunt their style at Club Boca. You'll see people in typical club wear, such as dresses or trendy clothing.You'll also spot club-goers in jeans and shorts. Beware: there is a dress code at Club Boca. For example, no hats are allowed. The full dress code list is on the Web site

The style of dance varies at Club Boca. When the deejays blast Latin music, you'll see a lot of talented Latin dancers tear up the dance floor. Hip-hop music provokes booty shaking and bumping and grinding. When house music blasts from the speakers, everybody cuts loose.

Spending | Cover charge can vary from $5-$10 if you're 21 or older, and it is $20 for those younger than 21. But, keep your eye out for free admission passes - you can find them at various establishments.VIP cards are available for purchase, and you can also get Spring Break Party Passes that get you into special events, such as The Situation's appearance. You can also text "Boca" to 95495 for specials.

Winter drink specials at Club Boca include $2.50 Bud Light Lime bottles, $3 rum and Cokes, $5.75 Loaded Coronas (Coronas with a Lime Bite shot) and $10 party pails of beer. At Mango's lounge, you can get bottle service starting at around $130.

Site | 1320 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach. Call 444-3500 or visit Winter hours - open at 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Editor's Note: In Da Club (sorry 50 Cent, we're stealin') is a monthly feature in Surge intended as your scouting report on local dance clubs/high energy clubs/nightclubs to give you a flavor of what's happening inside and on the dance floor.