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Animal tales | All about Lazarous and Freddie

We rescued brothers Lazarous and Freddie from our local animal shelter when they were 1 year old. They are now 8 years old and love sitting in the sunroom watching the birds, squirrels and tree frogs. Our newest critter for entertaining the cats is Mr. Gecko. Freddie can be sleeping in his cat tree or in another room and all we have to say is, "The monster is in the window, come see him!" He'll come running to the chair and spend the next half hour watching the gecko and talking to him. Mr. Gecko shows up several times during the day. As you can see, the gecko puffs up and also moves his head all around to get a better look at Freddie. On one occasion when both Lazarous and Freddie were watching him, Mr. Gecko jumped onto the window. This totally surprised the cats but then they started patting at the window and meowing.