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Conway man wanted by Horry County police for bigamy

Horry County police are searching for a Conway man, who is suspected of being married to two women at the same time, Sgt. Robert Kegler said.

Vernon Robert Scoone, 65, is wanted for bigamy, Kegler said. Scoone has lived in the Garden City Beach and Conway communities of Horry County.

On Jan. 12, detectives began investigation into Scoone after allegations were made that he is married to two women at the same time, Kegler said. The investigation showed that on March 29, 2008, the defendant married a woman in Horry County after successfully applying for a marriage license.

Scoone, who was previously married, claimed to be a widower with a death certificate from Maryland when he applied for a marriage license in Horry County, Kegler said.

In May, Scoone’s second wife was suspicious about his first wife after she found documents that showed his first wife was alive, Kegler said. Detectives learned the death certificate used at the application process was forged, and the certificate number in Maryland actually came back to Scoone’s mother.

The name and other pertinent information on the document was replaced with his first wife’s information, Kegler said. It was further discovered that his first wife is alive and living in Maryland.

Anyone with information regarding Scoone’s whereabouts can call the Horry County Police Department at 915-5350.