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Myrtle Beach man reported robbery, but later admitted it was “joke”

A 33-year-old man initially told police someone tried to rob him, but later changed his story to say his friend was joking with him, according to a police report.

The man reported to police at 11:30 p.m. Monday in the 600 block of Mitchell Drive the suspect demanded his money, police said.

The man told police that as he waited for a taxi cab to pick him up and take him to work at a local hospital he man walked up, demanded money and ran away after he told the suspect he didn’t have any money, according to the report. The man later told police no one tried to rob him and his friend was joking with him.

The man also told officers he sprayed himself with pepper spray, according to the report. It was unclear how the pepper spray was involved in the incident. Police are investigating.