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New golf products to the market (Jan. 13)

Eidolon takes custom clubs to new level

Eidolon Golf's custom-built V-Sole wedges have a new technological development with the introduction of the company's Vari-Loft Concept. With the new approach to wedge loft arrangement, Eidolon can build any combination of wedges for a golfer. The Vari-Loft Concept expands Eidolon's offerings from four models to five, allowing customization of golf wedges to any loft from 47 to 61 degrees without ever altering a model more than one degree weak or strong. In this significant departure from the way wedges have been sold for over 50 years, the base wedge models are 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60 degrees. That allows the company to build a wedge to suit a person's requirements from 47 to 61 degrees without making more than a one degree adjustment to any wedge.

Each head model in the Vari-Loft Concept arrangement has been engineered specifically to allow the loft to be altered one degree weak or strong without compromising the playability, which the company says could not work without Eidolon's patented V-Sole design. V-Sole's two different bounce angles - one high and one low - have allowed each wedge to play like it was multiple wedges in one. The wedges feature precision CNC-milled faces and grooves and several shaft options: Eidolon's standard weight stepless steel and SCoR graphite in 100 and 75 gram weights, each available in at least two flexes. Eidolon accommodates alterations to standard length, lie angle, swing weight and grip size at no extra charge. Each wedge is on sale for $99, down from $129, for a limited time. Visit or call 1-877-726-7670.