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So this morning I was almost arrested for walking home from a bar. My question is at this point after the third time of this happening is it for public safety or anti-gay statements by the force? I have now been approached three times walking down Oak Street and finally this last time called one of my roommates to listen to what happened. The officer claimed he was looking out for my safety but he only wanted to give me a ticket for public intoxication. Fine, except if I can't drive, can't afford a cab, then let me walk in peace. If I cause a disturbance, arrest me; otherwise let me walk home. This isn't Philadelphia, Detroit, or Los Angeles. There isn't mass murder here, so I should be allowed to walk home alone as a 32- year-old man without being disturbed unless I am causing a disruption. In other words, unless I dial 911 leave me the hell alone. I don't appreciate or value being judged for walking down the street. If you want to find criminals then do it, otherwise find a city where crime is prevalent.


Landscape designers who were in sororities have tons of money and can afford to live near men. Women who "forget the pill" usually dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and have to trap a dude. U could've had the stripper with the model face and D cups, alas you're destined childless by karma. Yum, strip puss.


There must be a Vikings fan working for sports in the local paper. The listing at the top of the page has the Vikings playing the Philly Flyers. Well, the Flyers are a hockey team, so that might make it easier for the Vikes, who need all the help they can get!


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