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Pavilack reports break-in at million-dollar closet in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach police are investigating a break-in that occurred over the weekend at Harry Pavilack's law office, where someone apparently climbed through the ceiling to get into a closet where Pavilack once kept nearly $1 million hidden from creditors.

Pavilack said nothing was taken during the break-in, although several ceiling tiles had been removed and an electrical wire had been cut.

Pavilack said he thinks whoever broke into his office is familiar with the 13,000-square-foot building at 2311 S. Kings Highway.

“They’d have to know some things because they came right to my office,” he said. “It had to be somebody that knew where my office was.”

Pavilack said several employees were laid off earlier this month as part of an ongoing bankruptcy reorganization he is in. Pavilack said the closet was targeted because media have reported that he once kept nearly $1 million in cash hidden there.

“It’s the same closet – that’s exactly what they were after,” he said.

Pavilack – a Myrtle Beach lawyer perhaps best known for his television commercials urging potential clients to “Call Pavilack Today!” -- filed for bankruptcy protection last year, claiming he has $73.4 million in mostly real estate-related personal debts.

Pavilack has told court officials that he started using cash almost exclusively to pay his bills starting in 2009 because banks were seizing money from his accounts to pay debts.

Some of Pavilack's hidden cash came to light during a financial investigation by court-appointed examiner George DuRant.

DuRant said Pavilack handed three stashes of cash to him after another court-appointed investigator stressed the importance of disclosing all assets. Pavilack retrieved one of those stashes -- totaling about $1 million -- from the closet in his law office.

Police were called Monday to Pavilack’s office, where they dusted a light switch, ceiling tiles and a door frame for finger prints. A police incident report was not immediately available.

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