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Woman’s vehicle shot during attempted robbery in Myrtle Beach

A 32-year-old Myrtle Beach woman told police a man she gave a ride to, tried robbed her at gunpoint and shot the dash of her vehicle, according to a police report.

The woman called police at 8:40 a.m. Sunday to report the incident, which occurred while she was driving along Pine Island Road, police said.

The woman told police she met the man at a local club on Friday and ran into him at a Myrtle Beach restaurant where he asked her to give him a ride, according to the report. The woman said during the ride, the man pulled out the gun, pointed it at her face and demanded her purse.

The woman said she pushed the gun out of her face and it fired, according to the report. The woman said she swerved the vehicle and when she stopped the man ran from the vehicle.

Police searched the area, but did not find the man.