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Conway police search for robber armed with rifle

Conway police are searching for a man armed with a rifle who robbed a convenience store this week, according to Catina Hipp, public information officer.

A man, who had a blue bandanna over his face, a toboggan and gloves, went into the Scotchman store about 4 p.m. Tuesday and pointed the gun at two people in the store, Hipp said. No one was hurt during the incident. The store is located at 3410 U.S. 501 West in Conway.

The suspect forced one person behind the counter to retrieve money fro the cash register and he searched through several doors, Hipp said. The suspect ordered the other person to the ground and he tied both victims and forced them into the store’s storage room before he fled. He also ordered the victims to count to thirty before they left.

Anyone with any information can call Conway Police Department at 248-1790.