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Holly Roesing

Holly Roesing.
Holly Roesing.

Holly Roesing admits she doesn't know how to say no. But that's just how her heart ticks.

On top of her duties in the computer lab with first through fifth graders, she is the IT troubleshoot go-to for the entire Lakewood Elementary building, plus she acts as event photographer, produces the school yearbook, organizes faculty social functions and even dons the suffocatingly hot bobcat mascot costume for spirit events from time to time.

After school, Roesing has captained the winning dragonboat team for the school, has coached her teenage daughter in softball since age 9 and plays on the faculty co-ed softball team, leads youth group at Beach Church and is involved with the teen ministry, Ground Zero.

But that's just a brief overview of Roesing's involvement ...

Q: Tell me more about how you open up your home for teenagers.

A: Well, it's completely church-based. I've been involved in youth group for a couple years. It all began with my 8th and 10th grade daughters and me wanting my children to be in an environment that was supervised in a Christian home. We live close to the beach, so we made our home the home base. It evolved into eight to 10 children and more - kids from different walks of life, with some looking to make a change in life. Then it skyrocketed to 25 kids in my house over the weekend. I probably spent $2,500 this summer on my grocery bill! Since they've been coming here, some adults don't even recognize the kids because they've changed so much. I try to teach them life skills. They run a Bible study and we have family dinners with like 20 chairs around the table. These are kids that don't get family dinners. I now consider them all my children. I love fulfilling my job at Lakewood, but to be able to carry that into my life is great. I will drive all over creation for these kids in my Durango.

Q: If it's even possible for you to pack anything else into your schedule, are there any other future projects you're working on?

A: I'm on the school's social committee right now, too, so I coordinate the holiday parties. I'm all about keeping the spirit alive here. You can go through your daily ritual and it gets stale, so I come up with themes. I'm working on the Christmas party right now. I really want as many people as possible to come. Last year, I organized the school's 50th anniversary party and I probably worked nonstop, which almost took my health. That event had me put on a heart monitor. I don't know how to say no. My heart is definitely huge.

Q: What do you want to show your daughters through what you do?

A: I love showing God's love. I always say, "Serenity now." You can learn from things, but don't wallow in them. My husband and I don't fight; we have our moments, but we're mostly easygoing and laidback and we try to show them that.

Q: What does it mean, in your own words, to be an exceptional woman?

A: I think this is just me doing life.

Q: What would we find you doing if you have any "me" time left in the day?

A: If it's me time, it would be shopping around HomeGoods - not even shopping for clothes, but things for ideas to redecorate the house. And doing laundry at midnight is not such a bad thing. It's peaceful. No one's talking.