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I'm trying to suck it up and do it on my own. I lay awake at night restless and afraid I suffer with this aching emptiness. I feel like Im falling into nothing and it's not alright. It's just so hard to fly when you keep holding on. I just can't find the courage to let go. I'm completely ashamed. I've dropped my pride. I've given it all away. I've been completely ripped apart. I don't know how much longer I can do it on my own. Can I have my heart back please?


Por Espanol es número dos. One of the most annoying phrases ever heard when calling a help line.


Remember "You Go, Girl"? I just thought of that today and realized it was the one bad thing from the '90s. I never want to hear those three words again.


One of our forms of self expression in an open forum is the Letter to the Editor. I loved the well thought letter expressing the confusion and conflict one teacher was having due to a lack of clarity on the county's tattoo policy. Today's paper holds a rebuttal to those concerns. All well and fair. BUT, Mr. Writer, why do you feel that the only way to rebut those comments is to belittle the writer with comments about how "society" has already decided he is in the minority and thus not correct in his desire to be considered a competent teacher with a tat? There's nothing wrong with a tat, whether on display for all to see, or discreetly placed. I guess my grandfather should be ashamed of the numbers tattooed on his arm that he wears as a souvenir of early life in Germany.


Why are women so concerned with men's physical looks? Some of the most beautiful women date the most unattractive men because they are confident that they are attractive themselves. Some women, I believe date "hot" men because they think it makes them "hot" too. I have a cute boyfriend. He's attractive but he would never be a movie star or model. I would rather have an average-looking guy who's nice and normal than a super-hot man who has a shallow character. Besides, half the male inmate population is "super-hot." Any women wanna be up for dating a man in jail? And yes I am a super hot female.