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Horry County’s drug court gets federal grant, Georgetown program in works

A $611,535 federal grant will be used to expand the Horry County Drug Court and create a similar program in Georgetown County, said Candy DeBusk, Horry County’s drug court director.

The funds will be used to hire another treatment provider, an investigator to monitor participants and create a part-time administrative position in Horry County, DeBusk said. Horry County was awarded the three year grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Funding for the program comes from fees paid by participants and fees paid by people in the county convicted of drug crimes.

“The ultimate aim of drug court is to reduce crime by reducing the number of addicts,” 15th Circuit Solicitor Greg Hembree said. “But drug court has also proven to be a great way to save prison space for violent offenders in a time of shrinking budgets.”

Horry County’s drug court began with three participants in August of 2005 and has more than 50 participants now, DeBusk said. There have been 67 people graduate from the program.