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How to Train Your Dragon: Dragon Double Pack | (PG) Not every teenage viking is dragon hunter material. That's a truth that Hiccup, despite being the son of Stoick the Vast and a fairly skilled inventor of his own creation, learned the hard way after one of his inventions finally ensnared a young dragon. Rather than kill the beast, Hiccup frees him and names him Toothless. And in the face of a territorial war between humans and dragons that's as old as time, the two develop a reluctant trust for one another. "How to Train Your Dragon" puts itself at a disadvantage by telling a story that falls outside the usual bounds of computer-animated movies, because there's really only one way this conflict can work itself out, and anyone with any movie-watching savvy can spot it almost as soon as the table is set. But "Dragon" does so much so well that it really doesn't need the element of surprise to completely entrance a viewer.

I Am Love | (R) Just about everybody in the Recchi family is in some state or another of flux. Patriarch Eduardo is ready to hand off the family business to son Tancredi (Pippo Delbono), but he surprises everyone by giving grandson Edo (Flavio Parenti) a cut as well. Edo, meanwhile, has dreams of opening a restaurant with friend Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini), while Edo's sister Betta (Alba Rohrwacher) is ready to embark on a significant lifestyle shift. "Love" is a beautifully-shot movie, and it's one that revels in its own self-indulgence to such a degree that some will happily buy what it's selling and lose themselves in the empty beauty of all that inconsequence.