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'Chuck,' romance and more

'Shippers are singing the praises of the new season of "Chuck" now that Sarah and Chuck are in love, living together and teaming up for missions. Yvonne Strahovski likes playing Sarah as Chuck's partner in both love and spying, too.

"There is just more fun to be had, I think, as a couple, sort of like a fun version of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' in a way," Strahovski told me on the phone recently.

We didn't talk for long, but Strahovski, an Aussie of Polish descent who lives in the U.S., was delightful considering she was in the midst of a 15-hour shooting day.

Question | First off, I need to clear something up. When they pitched this interview they wrote in the e-mail "things are heating up" between you and Zachary Levi. What does that mean? Do they mean the characters or you two? They giving me some romance scoop?

Answer | Oh, God no. (Laughs.) Yes, we've announced marriage. (Laughs.) No, no no no - the characters! Yeah, things are getting heated in more ways than one because now we're a couple. We're boyfriend and girlfriend. We're living together. We're going through all the couple drama that one would expect a new couple to go through, so there are the things that we explore with that.

Q. | Will Chuck and Sarah be asking Ellie and Awesome for advice?

A. | I don't know if Sarah would be open to that. (Laughs.) It's funny, because I think my character likes being part of a relationship. Obviously she loves Chuck a lot and she likes having him as her boyfriend, but at the same time it's such new territory for her because he is such an innocent guy still and he is not like the other men that she's been with who have all been spies. ... It makes for some good drama.

Q. | Last season when you two were split up there was a lot of fan uproar. I wasn't one of the fans who was totally freaking out, but I do like it better when Sarah and Chuck are together. How do you feel about that?

A. | I like Chuck and Sarah together. I think there is more fun to be had with that and also, like you said, all the fans want them together more so than apart. There was a big uproar when we had Daniel Shaw come in and threaten to take Sarah away from Chuck for good. ... I've always been part of the serious stuff and the spy stuff and I feel like now that Chuck and Sarah are together I'm seeing the scripts come in and I'm getting to play around with the fun things, like the whole sexting thing that was going on in the first episode with Morgan.

Q. | Did you train special for the show or were you pretty athletic and ready to go?

A. | I'm a tomboy and I've always been very athletic and I think it's just part of the reason why I got the job. ... I danced from the age of 5 to 18, so for me the scenes are very much choreography. They're almost like a dance, so it's easy for me to remember them and I remember them quickly. I did in the first season have our fight coordinator Dave teach me some kung fu stuff, so that my movements were stronger, punchier and actually more martial arts. That was beneficial. I don't really need to do any of that anymore; plus we don't have the time now. We sort of learn a fight scene in five minutes and then sleep on it and then the next day we're shooting it.

Q. | Is there a stunt that you want to do that you haven't been able to do yet?

A. | Hmm, I know we've done like a couple of like little bits and pieces in different languages, but I'd love to have a proper scene in Italian or in French or something.

Q. | And not Polish?

A. | Well Polish is easy because I can speak it already. I want the challenge ... and of course I love the challenge.