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Nike Golf's VR Pro Combo irons (Oct. 7)

Nike Golf's VR Pro Combo irons

Nike Golf's new VR Pro Combo irons combine the philosophy behind the original line of Nike's Pro Combo irons with the craftsmanship and technology behind Nike's VR franchise. The premium irons are made for Tour-level players. The irons maintain a traditional look with a high degree of workability as they change from pocket cavity (3- and 4-iron), to split-cavity (5-, 6- and 7-iron) to blades (8- and 9-iron and pitching wedge) throughout the set. The pocket cavity design offers higher trajectory on longer shots, the split cavity enhances pin-seeking control and workability, and the blades deliver unsurpassed short-game feel.

Through linear Center of Gravity (CG) Mapping, the CG moves gradually and consistently throughout each club in the set for optimal launch and consistent distance control. The CG continues in a straight line throughout the iron set, starting low and elevating naturally higher. The irons are precision forged out of 1025 Forged Carbon Steel to a near-finished level, eliminating most hand work and ensuring consistency throughout the set. The finished iron face is milled to a flat surface, and the face is carefully die-stamped, pressing grooves to exact specifications for extremely low variance and shot-making consistency. Nike says the three-step groove process creates its most exact iron faces ever. There are more grooves, closer together and deeper on the face to ensure maximum flight control and shot-to-shot consistency. The irons will be available Nov. 26 for a suggested retail price of $1,079.99. Individual clubs featuring No. 2 Steel sell for $134.99. Visit

SmartShopper Electronics' Greens Professor

SmartShopper Electronics is introducing the Greens Professor, a new golf training aid. It is endorsed by Golf Channel analyst and former touring pro Jerry Foltz and uses laser technology. The Greens Professor provides instant feedback indicating if the blade is open, closed or square to the ball upon impact; helps fine-tune muscle memory for putting; allows players to use their own putter; can be used at home, in the office or outdoors; and can be used with our without a ball. The Greens Professor retails for $49.99 and is available at