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Why is every restaurant review I read in Surge a good review? Are there really that many great restaurants on the Grand Strand? Or do the restaurant managers/servers recognize the reviewers and cater to them with especially good service? Or do the restaurants actually (gasp) pay for the positive reviews, as some sort of "hidden" advertising? (I really don't like saying that, but I'm just sayin'.) Or maybe even the reviewers have an unrefined palate. I don't get it. I just don't believe every restaurant the reviewers have been to are all amazing. It is disappointing to read a glowing review and then have a less-than-stellar experience of a "highly rated" eatery.


Is it too soon to re-use this joke from the Clinton administration? What do you get when you cross a bad politician with a crooked lawyer? Malia Ann & Sasha Obama.


Thank you to all the service industry people for making this a great summer. I wish all of you were rewarded for your hard work, although we all know there are many duds out there who don't know that expressing their gratitude is directly related to your bank account.


Want to be ripped off of your hard earned money? Buy those restaurant coupons they sell on line for half-price because before you will get to use them, the restaurant will be closed!


As an avid music supporter, I am amazed at the amount of clubs that do not put a band listing in for their clubs. From what I understand this is a FREE service, but some of you are too sorry to utilize it. You want people to come to your clubs, but we need to KNOW where the bands we support are playing. Oh...and it's NOT the bands' job to promote your club. It's yours. And that's a fact. I can guarantee you are losing money by not making that phone call. Wise up.