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Softer, not shorter

When it comes to hitting pitch shots different distances, I like to keep the swing distance the same and take some speed off or add some speed. To hit it shorter, I like to use the word "soft" because this helps the student to slow the speed down. When I need them to hit it farther I will have them add some speed to their swing. I rarely have them make a fuller or shorter swing. You need to keep it a swing. I don't like to use the image of a clock to change distances - i.e., take it back to 7:30 for this distance, and 9:30 for this distance. You can't see how far you take it back, and you couldn't know when you are at 9:30 in your backswing. To work on distance control, I will set some balls at different distances - one pile for a full swing and then some piles at shorter distances. I will start with the full swing, and then I can gauge the speed I need for the other piles.