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Myrtle Beach man charged after police caught him attacking women

Myrtle Beach police charged a 47-year-old man after an officer saw him attack two women inside a home, police said.

Jameel Sameen Naadir, 47, of Myrtle Beach, was charged with third offense or more criminal domestic violence, second-degree assault and battery and resisting arrest or hindering, obstructing an officer, according to jail records.

Naadir was arrested after the incident about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday at a home on Melanie Lane, police said.

A 53-year-old woman had called police to ask for an officer to drive by her home because she said Naadir had called her several times on the telephone and threatened her, according to the report. An officer had checked on the home and was stopped at the end of the street looking through paperwork when he saw Naadir’s vehicle drive by and pull into the woman’s driveway.

The officer drove to the home and reported the suspect vehicle was at the woman’s home, according to the report. The officer walked toward the house and Naadir came out of the front door, but quickly ran back inside.

The officer saw the front door’s side window was broken and the officer heard a woman screaming for help inside the home, according to the report. The officer found Naadir in a rear bedroom hitting the woman and another woman, who was at the home, also was assaulted by him.

Both women had injuries to their head, but they refused medical treatment.