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Boulevard Mystique

SOUNDS | Considering it's described as an upscale hip-hop club, it's a safe bet that you'll hear hip-hop music inside Club Myst. And you will definitely hear it. The nightclub recently upgraded its sound system. Large speakers hang from the ceiling and line the floor around the main dancing area. Yes, you can feel the bass in your chest. You can catch live music at least once a month at Club Myst, otherwise deejays play hip-hop mixes.

SIGHTS | The entire venue is painted black, from the floor to the ceiling and the walls in between. A green glow peers out, painting a splash of neon color across the establishment. A 60-foot lava bar lines an entire wall, adding a tinge of red to the club. Behind the bar, tall white pillars and pyramids of liquor bottles share the green glow that brightens the dark locale, providing just enough soft light where you can see without losing the nightclub feel.

About 20 disco balls hang above the dance floor. The main dancing area is the open floor space between the bar and the VIP section. The VIP area is raised a few feet above the main floor and has tables and bottle service. Sheer white drapes hang from the wall, framing the white couches that sit along the VIP wall. On the dance floor, there are three mini-stages with stripper poles for those who want to show off their dancing skills. Massive framed mirrors and projection screens hang behind the long bar. So, if you're belly up at the bar, you can either watch those tearing it up on the dance floor or the silhouette of a woman dancing on the projection screens.

People ages 18 and older are admitted at Club Myst. Weapons and gang signs, however, are not welcome - you'll be banned permanently. Most patrons appear to be in their 20s, and the most popular nights are Saturdays, when the place gets packed.

STORY | The location used to be the Freaky Tiki Club, which closed a handful of years ago. Steve Ghildella, who runs Club Myst, says he opened the club in the Ocean Boulevard building two years ago because Myrtle Beach needed an oceanfront nightclub. You can hit up the oceanfront nightclub from 10 p.m. - 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays (during the summer, it's open seven nights a week.) There is an outdoor Tiki bar in back, too. It is already closed for the season, but during the summer, you can enjoy the view - you're just steps away from the ocean.

STYLE | When it comes to clothing, Club Myst asks you to keep it clean and dress to impress. You'll see a mixture of apparel, from tight dresses and heels to jeans and tennis shoes. As far as the style of dancing, you'll see movements you can match with a strong hip-hop beat, from bumpin' and grindin' to break dancing to shakin' it on your own.

SPENDING | Cover charge is typically five bucks for ladies and $10 for guys. Here's some incentive to get there early - the price of entry increases as the line to get in gets longer. You can also pay to cut the line - that usually costs double. During special events and concerts, which happen at least once a month, you can expect the charge at the door to go up an additional $10.

As for drinks, liquors such as vodka and tequila will run you $5; $8 for higher shelf options such as Grey Goose vodka. You'll pay $3.75 a pop for each domestic beer and 50-cents more for imports. Bottle service starts at $100 for champaign and $200 for liquors.

SITE | 708 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach. Call 240-4529 or visit