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Animal tales | All about Daisy, Brownie and Bud

Daisy, Brownie and Bud are the granddogs of Milton and Kathleen Houghtaling of Little River. While well-loved now, that wasn't always the case for these three rescue pooches. Formerly strays or abandoned, the three pups really hit the jackpot. Not only did they find a forever home, they inherited a vacation home, courtesy of their "grand-dog-parents," who are year-round residents of the Grand Strand. For the past 14 years, the pooches have been vacationing in Little River, usually in the winter months. When visiting, they enjoy the friendly neighborhood, the awesome beach, and visit the dog-friendly venues available to them. Barefoot Landing and Bone Appetit are always on their list of fun things to do, as well as hiking the trails of beautiful Vereen Memorial Gardens.