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Maruman debuts high-end clubs Sept. 23)

Maruman debuts high-end clubs

Maruman Golf, a maker of very high-end golf clubs and a leader in technology, design, and quality, has introduced its new line of clubs for 2011 that became available in September. The new Majesty Vanquish VR line includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. The flagship model, the "Majesty Series," is the realization of every technological innovation pioneered by Marumanin more than 39 years and offers distance and optimal trajectory. Maruman has developed through Nanotechnology, a process that controls molecule-building reactions to create a lighter, stronger and more stable structure, its own unique titanium called Fullerene Titanium. The full usage of FEM stress analysis allows Maruman to hone into a high precision of wall thickness and stiffness. Super Levitation Casting is used to precisely convert the design into a precisely crafted head. Toughest High Modulus Titanium is used in the face. It is hard to deform and enables Maruman engineers to make the thickness of the face thin and therefore the head lighter.

The Vanquish VR driver introduces a "Twin Unit Structure" with a high launch angle and optimum spin for longer drives. It is ideal for golfers with mid to low clubhead speed (83 mph to 95mph). A low center of gravity (4 mm above the face center) controls unwanted spin and the driver has a large hitting area of 21.5 mm. The driver has a suggested retail price of $1399. The Majesty Vanquish VR Fairway Woods have Maraging steel faces, feature thin-walled top and double Tungsten weights to achieve straighter shots with high trajectory and optimum spin. They are available in 3W, 5W, and 7W and retails for $1,099. The Majesty Vanquish VR Hybrids also have Maraging steel on the face to allow longer distance with an easier swing. They are available in four degrees of loft and retail for $749. Majesty Vanquish VR Irons have a solid and innovated head structure and low center of gravity. The forgiving head design comes in eight pieces (5-iron thru SW) and retails for $4299. Visit

Contrast key on Tour Edge's new putter

With Tour Edge Golf's Backdraft GT+ putter, white is back. The high-contrast head and jumbo size grip are unique technologies. The putter uses Optic Technology to increase the contrast between the ball and the green, helping players focus on the Backdraft's leading edge and alignment aids. Tour Edge says the Backdraft GT's color eliminates distracting reflections off the club head allowing golfers to concentrate on the line. GT's jumbo grip helps prevent the golfers' wrists from breaking down during the putting stroke, and reduce grip pressure and minimize club head rotation.

The new Backdraft GT+ features four designs with a jumbo grip for $49.99 each. The putter comes with Tour Edge Golf's 30-day play guarantee and lifetime warranty. It comes in a blade and two mallet styles and is available in right and left hand. Visit to find a retailer near you, or call 1-800-515-3343.