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Marion woman guilty on one charge in connection with Aynor man's 2008 death

An Horry County jury deliberated for about three hours today before they found a Marion woman guilty of planning the robbery of an Aynor man, but not his death.

Circuit Court Judge Thomas Cooper also sentenced a Dillon man to 40 years in prison in connection with the shooting death.

Crystal Turner, 30, was found guilty of accessory before the fact of armed robbery Thursday, but jurors found her innocent of a charge of accessory before the fact of murder in the Aug. 14, 2008, robbery and shooting death of 54-year-old Ronald Rabon.

Police say five others also were involved in luring Rabon to an area along Tobacco Leaf Lane, where they stole his wallet, money and cell phone and shot him. Garbage truck drivers found Rabon's body on the side of the road early Aug. 14, 2008.

"The jury spoke and I believe that justice was served," Assistant Solicitor Larry Filiberto said following the verdict and sentence. "But for the actions of Ms. Turner, Mr. Rabon wouldn't have been killed."

Also on Thursday, after Turner was convicted and sentenced, Cooper sentenced 28-year-old Charles Andrew Skipper to 40 years in prison for shooting Rabon and 30 years in prison for robbing him, Filiberto said. Skipper pleaded guilty Tuesday to murder and armed robbery in Rabon's death before his trial with Turner's trial was to begin.

Skipper agreed to be sentenced after he testified against Turner during her trial.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated the case for about three hours before they reached a verdict, according to Turner's attorney, Scott Joye.

"It's a disappointing day. We felt the proper verdict should have been not guilty on both counts. We're happy they did not find her guilty on the accessory before the fact of murder, but we didn't think she was guilty of accessory before the fact of armed robbery," Joye said. "It's a difficult day in the profession when you represent someone you felt was not guilty. But the jury has spoken and we have to live with that."

Also charged in the case are Paige Furniss, 25, of Hamer; Jamie White, 24, of Sellers; Stacey Johnson, 30, of Mullins; and Luther Oxendine, 25, of Dillon.

In addition to Skipper, White and Oxendine testified against Turner during her trial.

Their cases will be heard later this year, Filiberto said.

After the sentences Filiberto said Rabon's family were relieved that "two of the six people had been held accountable in an innocent victim's death."

During the trial, Joye told Cooper and jurors that Turner was not involved in the plan to rob or murder Rabon. Instead, she had identified Rabon as someone who might purchase drinks for the group who met that night at Easy's Bar and Grill located on U.S. 501 outside of Aynor.

But during his opening statements, Filiberto told jurors that evidence and testimony should show them that Turner plotted to rob Rabon and directed the others charged in the case.