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RIFE to debut new putters (Sept. 16)

RIFE to debut new putters

RIFE Putters will be releasing four new Island Series putters this fall called the Aruba, Trinidad, Montserrat and Cayman Brac. The four models were first introduced in January at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show, but are now in production and will be available in stores by the end of October. All of these new Island Series putters feature RIFE's patented RollGroove Technology and Lie-Aline System. RIFE is an innovator behind horizontal grooved face putter technology with a patent on specifically sized grooves since 1997. The company says the precisely spaced grooves allow the putter to gently press into the cover of the ball and grip and lift it into an instant forward roll. The company claims Horizontal RollGroove-faced putters create the truest "no skid" roll in golf no matter where you hit the ball on the putter face. RIFE's entire line of Island Putters, which were initially introduced in 2007, retail for between $99.80 and $209.80. Visit or call 1-888-740-7687.

Maruman introduces 'Majesty Series' clubs

Maruman Golf, a maker of very high-end golf clubs and a leader in technology, design and quality, has introduced its new line of clubs for 2011 that became available in September. The new Majesty Vanquish VR line includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. The flagship model, the "Majesty Series," is the realization of every technological innovation pioneered by Marumanin for more than 39 years and offers distance and optimal trajectory. Maruman has developed through nanotechnology, a process that controls molecule-building reactions to create a lighter, stronger and more stable structure, its own unique titanium called Fullerene Titanium. The full usage of FEM stress analysis allows Maruman to hone into a high precision of wall thickness and stiffness. Super Levitation Casting is used to precisely convert the design into a precisely crafted head. Toughest High Modulus Titanium is used in the face. It is hard to deform and enables Maruman engineers to make the face thin and therefore the head lighter.