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Weekly golf tip | Pitch Shot (Sept. 15)

Set It

Like I have said, the pitch shot is the beginning of a full swing. A lot of golfers start the club back to the inside with a bending of their wrists. The wrist needs to cock in all the full swing, pitch and bunker shots. To feel the proper cocking of your wrists, try this drill. Set up correctly at address with a good grip and posture. Now cock the club up by pushing the heel pad of your left hand down and the right forefinger pulling up. The club should now be in between your arms and close to 90 degrees relative to the ground. Now with a little arm swing and back, chest and shoulder turn, take the club back until your left arm is just slightly beyond parallel to the ground and then swing it through. Start by just hitting tees this way and then do the drill with a golf ball.