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Crab Catching Tips

The best bait is a raw chicken neck. Any raw chicken will work, but chicken necks are inexpensive and hold together well, so you can keep using them over and over again. Fish heads are another popular bait.

Use a dense piece of string – heavier than kite string, but not as heavy or thick as nylon rope.

Don’t put the crabs you’re going to keep in water because they’ll die from lack of oxygen. Instead, keep them on ice and try to cook them the same day they’re caught.

Watch out for pincers! Usually you can just dump the crabs from the net into your cooler. If they get stuck in the net, use gloves or a towel to pull them off. If a crab does latch onto your finger, try letting it dangle a few seconds. It’ll usually drop off. You can catch crabs year round in Coastal Carolina, but according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the best time of year to harvest large, heavy crabs is usually from October to December.

You’ll find the densest populations of blue crabs in brackish tidal creeks where there is a mixture of salt and fresh water.