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Myrtle Beach police investigate attempted kidnapping

A 19-year-old woman told police a man tried to kidnap her after he gave her a ride to Broadway at the Beach, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

The woman, who is from Russia, told police she was walking along 21st Avenue North near Oak Street when the man drove up and offered her a ride about 4 p.m. Thursday, police said. The woman said she was reluctant to go with the man, but decided to get in the vehicle with him.

The woman said the man drove around Broadway at the Beach for a while as he talked to her, according to the report. The woman said when the man pulled into a parking spot near Hard Rock Cafe, he got out of the vehicle to give her a hug.

The woman said the man put his hand over her mouth and tried to force her back inside the vehicle, but she bit his hand and screamed for help, according to the report. The woman said the man let her go when another man came over toward the car.

The man left the area and the woman was not hurt during the incident.