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Hats Off

This is our chance to recognize and thank those individuals who make our dining experiences so pleasurable. Next to the quality of our meals, service is the next best thing. It takes a strong team, from the front to the back of the house, to make your dining gratifying.

At Your Service

If you've been to Spud's Waterfront Dining's upgraded Tiki Bar lately, you might have noticed a new face serving you that Crazy Sister Martini. That's Scott D'Ambrosio.

A native of New York, Scott has made Myrtle Beach his home for a few years now. "I started in my uncle's restaurant when I was 12," Scott says. He has worked at numerous area restaurants, in addition to earning a degree in finance. "Working at a restaurant is a definite skill. You have to learn to multitask."

Although new to the Spud's family, Scott feels right at home. "I really enjoy interacting with people. Meeting and talking with people, you learn so much. Part of my job is understanding why someone is here; what experience he or she wants. They may want the best atmosphere, the freshest food or good service. That's my job and my goal."

Scott is so at home already, he envisions a bright future with Spud's. "We're so in synch; we're always trying to improve, to better serve our customers. I can see myself as a manager here, for sure. I love this place!"

"We appreciate our customers, both visitors to Murrells Inlet and our locals," Scott says. "I'm here to show that."

Front of House

As co-owner of SeaBlue, one of North Myrtle Beach's most upscale restaurants, Tracy Smith wears many hats (except maybe a chef's toque). In addition to overseeing the restaurant, Smith greets customers, waits on tables and serves up smiles and signature martinis at the bar.

"I deal with a myriad of things. Everyday is a new day with new challenges," Smith says. As a former educator specializing in early education, Smith says, "I use the same skills set, now just in a different environment."

Along with long-time partner and SeaBlue co-owner Kenneth Norcutt, Smith came to Myrtle Beach in 2006. Hailing from Philadelphia, Smith and Norcutt had the dream of owning and operating a small, upscale restaurant. In 2008, the opportunity to buy SeaBlue presented itself.

"Since then, we have revamped the restaurant and redone the menu," Smith says. "We've made SeaBlue into the restaurant we wanted."

The philosophy of SeaBlue and Smith are intertwined. "Everything we do is based on quality, not quantity. We don't skimp. Everything we serve must be the finest and the freshest." They've even created a vegetable and herb garden to meet the needs of their kitchen.

"If you want a luxury experience; if you want to be pampered, come to SeaBlue," says Smith.