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N.C. woman charged after she fought with Myrtle Beach police officers

Myrtle Beach police wrestled a North Carolina woman to the ground after she got upset officers were arresting her for public intoxication along Ocean Boulevard, according to a police report.

Lisa Marie McCarty, 28, of Creston, N.C., was charged with public intoxication, breach of peace, resisting arrest and throwing bodily fluids on a correctional officer, police said. An officer saw McCarty walking into traffic in the 900 block of Ocean Boulevard and then her friends helping her walk across the street because she was intoxicated.

The officer noted McCarty was unsteady on her feet and smelled alcohol when he approached her, according to the report. Police arrested her, handcuffed her and sat her on the sidewalk while the officer wrote a summons ticket.

The officers noted McCarty jumped up, spat in the face of an officer and fought with the other officers while she yelled profanities and kicked at them, according to the report. Police held McCarty on the ground until she was carried to a patrol vehicle and taken to the police department.