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Myrtle Beach man charged after assault with broom handle

A Myrtle Beach man was charged with assault and drug possession after police said he hit another man between the eyes with a broom handle, according to a police report.

Adam Elliott Davis, 22, was charged with first-degree assault and battery and possession of marijuana after the incident that occurred in the 500 block of Jennings Road, police said.

The 24-year-old Myrtle Beach man told police Davis had been staying with his mother at the location, according to the report. The victim said he and Davis argued and he punched a wall in anger so his mother told him to leave the house.

The man said he was packing up his belongings into his vehicle when Davis came out and struck him in the knee with the wooden handle, which caused it to break, according to the report. The man said Davis also slammed the door in his face and then struck him with the broken handle, which caused cuts to his face and arm.