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Video from cell phone rings up results on course

Well, I finally played some good golf this year. I finished tied for second last week at the CN Canadian Open. What a relief to have a good solid tournament and play golf like it's supposed to be played.

Thank God for technology. A simple video sent from a cell phone in the direction of Mr. Mike Wright in Texas allowed me to hit the ball better than I have all year and put together a great weekend. Mike noticed a few things in my swing that was causing me to come up and out of the ball and cut across it causing weak shots and often missing right. Sometimes we just need a few things in the golf swing to think about so that we have confidence in what we are doing and how we are going to get the ball where we want it to go.

I was able to put together 69-66 on the weekend with no bogeys in my last 45 holes of the event. Staying away from mistakes is a nice way to get your name moving up the leader board.

So now that I feel like I am hitting the ball as good as anyone, it comes down to that flat stick. Drive for show, putt for dough definitely holds true out on tour. But with a lot of work with the flat stick this past week off, I feel like it's all coming together. For the first time this year I feel like I can compete in tournaments and not just be another player in the field. It's kind of a nice feeling and a necessary feeling if you're going to be a great player on tour.

So now I am off to Arkansas this week where I have had some success in the past on a golf course that I feel sets up very well for my game. This is one of my favorite events on our schedule.

Maybe it's the three 52-inch flat screen televisions that my housing has in our own pool house, or maybe it's the football games that I get to watch on them. Or maybe it's just playing down in the south heat. Whatever it is, it all adds up to being a great event that I always look forward to playing.

Outside of the golf on tour, I got some awesome news while I was overseas playing in France. I got a phone call saying that I am going to be inducted into the University of South Carolina Hall of Fame.

Growing up in South Carolina and playing golf at South Carolina was a pretty amazing four years. And now to be getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is pretty humbling and such an honor to be included with such amazing athletes. I'm not trying to toot my own horn in any way, but it's a pretty elite crowd and pretty cool for a S.C. girl to get to play in-state and now to be getting into the HOF ... pretty cool!

The induction is next week - Sept. 16 - and I'm lucky enough to have about 20 family and friends be there with me who have all been a huge part of me getting such an honor.

It's good to be a Gamecock. And if Spurrier and his boys play the way they did in the opener, then we can all be proud Gamecocks.

Oh, and every person wants to know about that Tiger guy and Corey's picks for Ryder Cup. He's a lock, gotta pick him! Guess we will all find out today, huh?