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Weekly Golf Tip with Brad Redding (Sept. 1)

Posture (Part II)

Most golfers believe that since a sand wedge is shorter you need to bend over more than other clubs. This is not the case. As a club gets shorter, the lie angle of the club gets more upright. This allows you to keep your same posture. What you want to do is bend from your hips and put your spine in a neutral position. Use a club to get the perfect posture. Place it on your back with the shaft on your head and the grip on your rear end. Bend forward about 20 degrees and do not let the club come off your head or rear end. This will get you to bend from the hips. Now, slightly relax the arch in your spine to come to neutral. Your knees need to be slightly flexed, feet slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart with the weight evenly distributed between your feet. Your weight should be in the arches of your feet.