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Animal Tales | All about Maddie

Maddie was given to me by the owner of Ocean Drive Gas Company, who rescued her. Eight years ago I received a call from the owner saying he had a dog for me. Because my two previous dogs are buried in his yard, I said I was out of the dog business, and he said "Come get this dog." I decided I was back in the dog business! It was love at first sight when I met Maddie. Her hair was the same color as mine! I knew we would get along.

Maddie loves sitting on the sofa drinking coffee and gossiping with us girls. She prefers to sleep in my bed along with her cat, Tina Turner, on a feather pillow next to my head. She is the perfect companion.

Maddie loves to prance down the beach to the OD Pavilion and walks in the surf with a huge smile on her face. Maddie has kissed more babies on the beach than the president.