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Haley supports term limits, proposals for accountability

Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley called for term limits for S.C. legislators Thursday as she released a plan that she said would make government more open, accountable and streamlined.

Haley has pushed many of the issues, which include requiring lawmakers to disclose their income and take more on-the-record votes, since she entered the governor's race last year.

"From day one, our administration will demand accountability and reform across state government," Haley said.

Haley's plan would limit lawmakers to no more than eight years in the S.C. House or S.C. Senate, or a total of 12 years of service in the General Assembly.

Haley would also reduce the number of statewide elected officials, a proposal also made by Gov. Mark Sanford and consistently rejected by lawmakers. She would move many of the duties of the State Budget and Control Board, such as building maintenance, to a new Cabinet-level administrative agency, another rejected Sanford proposal.

Haley's opponent, Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, said the Republican state representative from Lexington was not living by her own proposed standards, noting that Haley did not report $42,500 in consulting fees that she was paid by Columbia-based Wilbur Smith engineering firm from 2007 to 2009. Company officials said they hired Haley to help the firm locate possible work in Lexington County.

Haley, who was not required to disclose the income, said she came to realize the need for legislators to disclose their income after her work for Wilbur Smith.

She introduced a bill requiring legislators to disclose their income in December 2009. (Her bill failed to pass the Republican-controlled legislature.)

"Nikki Haley is the epitome of a career politician, and this is another example of her glaring hypocrisy," Sheheen campaign manager Trav Robertson said of Haley's income disclosure proposal.