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What is the purpose of an HOA/POA? Sure, you have access to the pool with all of the teenagers who don't give a crap about the pool rules - cool, the Atlantic Ocean is right there. You get your basic cable paid for - cool, dish is better. Not many folks have broke down cars or boats or RVs parked in their neighborhoods so that eliminates that bylaw. Most people have their pets on a leash as they walk them. A lot of HOA/POA rules are common sense. Really, the only one that I think management cares about is that they receive that payment on time. Gosh, you can't use the pool and your cable will be shut off. Poo. Tons of funds are paid to send letters to homeowners who have weeds in their yards. Like you can pick them when it's typhooning outside. Hey, lawns get mowed and weeds get picked when weather permits. Oh yeah, and people do have lives. I see the management company trucks drive around and have to wonder, are we paying for his gas in his big ass truck? I think an HOA/POA is a just a way for a development to think it's special. I know of plenty of developments with associations where some of the homeowners don't follow/abide by any of the association bylaws. All it is, is a huge headache for the people on the board.


Shouldn't 11 be pronounced as onety-one?


Yes, I know I can read the Weekly Surge online, and won't have to find it at a store and dispose of it later, but can I swat a fly with the online edition?


I hate to include Garden City with the city of Suckside, but both cities should consider having their own beach specifically for dogs - dog park, dog beach - makes sense to me. This beach would create job opportunities (considering that some sort of waste holder would need to be installed at each beach). This beach would keep us dog owners from being harassed by the cops. I would love to see the dogs overpower the pigs, righteous!