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Myrtle Beach police arrest man on criminal sexual conduct charges

Myrtle Beach police arrested a man on several charges including criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and perjury.

Joshua Broadway, 21, of Juliet, Tenn., was arrested Sunday evening after attacking a woman, trying to keep her from running away and then lying to police about his name.

Police responded to a call about a person being drunk and disorderly at The Sandcastle South resort, where they found Broadway. Broadway said he had met a woman at Derriere's Gentlemen's Club and the two had argued on the way to the hotel room.

He said that she attacked him, but when police found the woman, who had run away, she said that Broadway had attacked her.

Police found the woman who had swelling around her eye, rug burns on her knees, scratches on her shoulder and bruises on her arm.

The woman said that the two had argued in the cab on the way from Derriere's and that she was sitting on the bed facing Broadway when he jumped on her, grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down on the bed. While he held her there he sexually assaulted her.

She scratched his face and kicked him trying to get free. When she did get free she ran toward the bathroom but he grabbed her and dragged to the floor and hit her. She was eventually able to get away and she ran downstairs and walked down the street, where security found her.

Broadway initially told police his name was Nicholas Perrie Mitchell, but his fingerprints identified him as Joshua Broadway. He was arrested for kidnapping, perjury and criminal sexual conduct.