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Crime | Horry County, Little River, Conway

Larceny from auto | Horry County police officers responded to Garden City in reference to four unopened bottles of Johnny Walker Red liquor being stolen from a Mercedes belonging to a woman, 61. Officers learned that police on the previous shift had recovered the woman's liquor bottles, all unopened, and were holding them in evidence. The first officers had responded earlier to reports of auto break-ins in the area after a neighbor, who was driving, saw an older man walking from car to car and turned his bright lights on him. The man ran and officers found the liquor while looking for him, but did not find him. They told the victim's relative how she could reclaim her liquor.

Criminal domestic violence | Officers responding to a woman's domestic violence call in Little River had an extended response time because the woman, 25, reported an incorrect address. Police finally found her in the parking lot of the place where she has been living with her boyfriend, 31. According to the incident report, the woman said she has an anxiety disorder and just wanted to take her Xanax and go to sleep, but her boyfriend does not like it when she takes her medicine because it makes her crazy. They argued, but she was "zoned out," and did not remember much, except that he punched her in the face. She said he had not been drinking. Smelling alcohol on her, an officer asked if she had been drinking and she said she "had a sip." Officers saw a small contusion on her forehead, but could not tell if it was fresh. She said she went to a hospital but they were too busy and she did not want to wait. When she went back to the residence, her belongings were outside, so she went to a neighbor's house to call police. The boyfriend was gone, and officers could not find a driver's license, criminal record or any other information on the name she gave them.

Simple assault/disorderly conduct/threatening a public official | A Conway woman, 39, told Horry County police officers that her husband came home intoxicated after being served an eviction notice, screamed and yelled at her and hit her in the head with his fists. Officers found the man walking down the road, and escorted him, cursing and yelling, back to the residence as they tried to calm him. He would not talk with them about what had happened, but continued to yell and curse. According to the incident report, he stared angrily at one of them, "gritting his teeth tight-lipped and appearing to try to bulge his eyes out."

After officers arrested him and put him in a vehicle, he still ranted. Everything was recorded, and included, "And you, especially, sir, I want you to die right now. I don't want you to die tomorrow. I want you to leave the earth right now. I want God to strike you dead because you are filth. Do you have a family? If you don't want to answer, you suffer the rest of your life."

The man had no convictions for domestic violence, but there had been six domestic violence calls and one intoxicated person call from that residence this year.