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Eat, Pray, Love, what? I'm sick of all of the hype about this dumb movie. How many Americans can relate to a thirty-something-year-old WASP just leaving her job for a year to "enjoy life." Come on. Ms. Roberts, take your bow-legged bubbly butt self and do a remake of "Pretty Woman, H20, the Great Recession." Now that's what I call a movie!


Well, you did it again. You omitted my comment that stated 2 DJs with nothing to say + way too many commercials = the "T&A Morning Show." I knew you were afraid to hurt their feelings!


So, I am an employee at a local restaurant which is located on the other side of a shopping outlet... the parking lots are adjoined and during high volume shopping days (Black Friday, tax free holiday, etc.) we have to block off 2 out of 3 entrances into our restaurant because if we don't the overflow from the outlet will just fill up our spaces which are needed for people who actually want to eat there. Needless to say, people don't like this for some reason, and they get mad. We threaten towing the vehicles but they still park there anyhow. They get so angry that last night when I was leaving, I noticed that the 2 employee cars which were blocking the 2 exits looked funny. One car had some take out box and food from the outlet center dumped onto it. And the other vehicle was keyed. Someone actually got out of their car and vandalized someone's property. Really? All because you couldn't get a little closer to your store of choice? Really? Is that what people have become?


Once again our local paper has come through, letting us know that the "HEAT HANGS AROUND." Does somebody get paid for writing this crap?


While I think it is admirable that several of the cellular sites in the Carolina Forest area have been disguised as fully functional flagpoles, I think the county should require that the flags be properly maintained. The cell tower on River Oaks has a large South Carolina flag that we have watched deteriorate over the recent months. Now, it is completely tattered and unrecognizable. It is certainly no longer a fitting emblem for display and should be removed and replaced. It is an embarrassment to people from S.C., and I am not even from S.C., but I am embarrassed for them. Shame on the company that owns the tower!