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Myrtle Beach man charged in string of Surfside Beach burglaries

Surfside Beach police arrested a Myrtle Beach man early Monday morning and have charged him in connection with a string of burglaries.

Michael Daryn Carter, of Burcale Rd. in Myrtle Beach, was charged with multiple counts of first degree burglary, possession of criminal tools and disorderly conduct.The Surfside Beach Police Department added extra patrols to help investigate a number of recent burglaries at night.

Early Monday morning an officer saw Carter acting suspiciously and trying to hide himself as he walked around several properties on Ocean Boulevard.

The officer approached Carter and tried to stop him but Carter ran away and hid under a set of stairs. When police found and arrested him he had heavy work gloves and cash.

After the arrest Surfside Beach police got a report of a burglary in the area where Carter had been found and the possessions missing from the house matched what police found on Carter.

Several additional suspects have been identified but no other arrests have been made.