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You should let people comment (online) on the Raves & Rage section ... I think it could get interesting.


To all the vacationers: Hate your traffic, love your no-strings-attached sex.


Thanks for the dog, wench. Enough said.


Would someone please explain to me why used vehicles cost so much! A 10-12 year-old vehicle has certainly been paid off and yet you still want thousands for it. I get how owners sell to dealers just to be done with it, so why does the dealer want a bunch of cash for these old cars? Dumb asses, I guess they either paid too much or are greedy greedy greedy. Yes, we all need money, including me, but I practically gave my car away and now I need another but I refuse to pay thousands for an older vehicle that "needs work" and has 100,000-plus miles on it. Come on people, help your fellow man out by listing your vehicle for sale by owner at a reasonable price before you sell/trade to a dealer. You're not gonna get much and a buyer would truly benefit. What do you have to lose while someone else has a ton to gain?