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Crime | Woman reports vehicle damaged by

Malicious damage | A woman in the Conway area called Horry County police and said her car window had been broken by a man with whom she had just been "bar-hopping." She said the man demanded $10 from her and said she owed it to him, but she refused.

She said he became angry and she got out of his car, got into her car and locked the doors. She said he bashed her back window in, but she did not know what he used to do it. As the officer was leaving, she again tried to explain her story and said the reason the man got so upset was that she would not have sex with him. According to the report, the woman was extremely intoxicated and could not provide much information about the man.

Assault | Four Shelby, N.C., family members, including a girl, 13, were charged by Horry County police after a fight at a Myrtle Beach area campground.

While police officers were on their way to a call there concerning a man and his son, who were intoxicated and disorderly, security guards at the campground said over their radios that they were fighting with several people and needed help.

While the guards tried to arrest the two men, one was fighting with one man outside the camper and the other was inside fighting with the other man. The wife/mother and the daughter got involved. The girl hit a guard on his head with a closed fist, and the mother pushed one. The men also tried to fight police and one got shocked with a Taser.

On the way to jail, the son called the female officer a lesbian and said he was going to kill her. He was charged with third degree assault, disorderly conduct and threatening to kill a police officer. The father, mother and son went to jail on various charges. The juvenile was issued a summons for third degree assault, and she, along with another child, was released to an adult family member.

Wanted subject/public disorderly conduct | Horry County police officers responded to security guards at a Surfside Beach area campground where they were holding 22-year-old man. Security guards thought the man had possibly entered a storage unit prior to that night and stole a skateboard. They had confronted him then, and he returned the skateboard.

The victims did not want to prosecute, but when they saw the man walking through the campground another night, they called security.

When police officers talked with the man, he denied stealing anything, was grossly intoxicated and said he had consumed a lot of liquor on the beach and was using cocaine and marijuana. He said he worked with drywall in the campground, and that was why he was walking around inside the camp's grounds.

When officers asked for his name and date of birth, he gave several different answers, and no birth date matched the age he gave. Officers arrested him for disorderly conduct and providing false information using the name he gave them, which they later found was a commonly used alias showing no criminal history.

Officers later learned his real name and that he was wanted in North Carolina on a parole violation with the original charge being burglary, so they placed a hold on him for North Carolina.

The only item he had on him was an old key card from a hotel, which he said he used to "break into" his own house every day because he does not have a key.