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NASCAR race team owner Jack Roush has crashed his plane again. That's twice in 8 years. You would think that with all the money the guy has he would use a regular pilot since he doesn't seem to be doing that great. Wreck a car, not good. Wreck TWO planes, take a hint!


OK, have to address the Raves & Rages (from July 29) this week: The Jesus one, I have no clue what you are referencing, the person that wishes they weren't hot? What? Give me a break! The pro server one was AWESOME, thanks for the support and I agree with the Weather Channel rant, who knew there would be 24 hours dedicated to weather? It is not normal to put up with "men" who live with their mother and try to abuse you, you do not have to put up with any bad behavior from a man, move on and do not settle, wait for a decent man to come along or, if he doesn't, be happy on your own.


Just curious ... What cruel person thought is was a good idea to put the letter "s" in the word lisp?


The person who wrote about tipping in last week's Surge was right. We all should tip for great service. I work for a really busy restaurant in Restaurant Row. This year some of the customers have been real BITCHES and are not leaving any tips no matter how hard we work to satisfy them. Well, just so happens, our video cameras do a great job on getting a detailed image. Ha Ha Ha! Suckers!


It's great to be in the middle of summer here in Myrtle Beach. It makes it worthwhile living here. During the off-season, past 6 on a weeknight, this place can kind of be a ghost-town.