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Police | Myrtle Beach man says voices in his head caused him to fight over video game

A Myrtle Beach man was arrested on assault and destruction of property charges after an argument over a video game, according to a police report.

Bruce Dansby, 21, was charged with simple assault and battery and destruction of personal property after officers were called to 704 Third Ave. S., police said.

When police questioned Dansby, he told the officer that “voices in his head made him hit the victim,” according to the report.

A 21-year-old man told police he was playing a video game with Dansby and he turned off the game, according to the report. Dansby got upset, punched the man in the head and then put him in a headlock.

Another man at the house pulled Dansby off the man and forced Dansby to leave, according to the report. After Dansby left the house, a beer bottle was thrown through a window and broke it.