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Crime blotter

Interfering with fire/EMS | In the Myrtle Beach area, Horry County EMS responded to a call on the beach from a man whose wife with a medical condition was experiencing an incident. The paramedic called Horry County police for help because an Ohio woman who was wearing a bathing suit and said she was a nurse had grabbed equipment from the paramedic's bag, including a saline bag, IV needle and tubing. The woman spiked the bag and was attempting to start an IV on the victim, who she did not know.

When an officer arrived and asked the Ohio woman to step away, she refused and hit the officer. She was told that the man was a police officer, but responded using profanity and said she did not care who the officer was, and she continued to interfere with the paramedic.

She hit and kicked the officer several times as he held one of her arms and as he took the tubing and tried to get her away from the victim. The officer told her she was under arrest and she resisted being handcuffed. Her husband stepped between her and the officer in an attempt to intervene, but backed away when the officer displayed a Taser.

According to the report, about 100 people gathered around and the officer called for more help from police. After more of her fighting and resisting, the officer finally handcuffed the woman and took her to jail.

On the ride, she told the officer she was an ICU nurse with three years' experience and was trying to save the woman who was "dying." The sick woman's husband said incidents like the one his wife had were common with her condition. Paramedics treated the sick woman and said their only concern was slightly low blood sugar. The victim signed a waiver that her condition was not life threatening and did not go to a hospital.

Criminal domestic violence | A Conway man, 33, and his girlfriend, 25, gave Horry County police different accounts of a fight they had during a drive home from a "date night."

She told police that some items in the vehicle indicated to her that he had been cheating on her. She said she confronted him and he began hitting her. At her mother's house, she showed an officer several pieces of hair that she said he had pulled out. She said he got angry and hit her in the face several times and showed the officer several indentations on her hand consistent with teeth marks.

The officer found the man at home with scratch marks on his cheek and a bruise on his upper arm. He said his girlfriend had demonstrated jealous streaks in the past and threatened to call police and have their son taken away. He told police that she saw a nail file on the console that night, got angry, scratched his face and began trying to scratch and assault him. When the officer asked, he said he had pulled her hair, bit her finger and did everything he could to keep her off him while he was driving and trying to avoid an accident. Both were arrested.

Malicious damage | A man, 24, in the Carolina Forest area, told Horry County police that he left his vehicle in the parking lot at his apartment and someone smashed a window. He found a football-size stone similar to those at a nearby pond on the floorboard.

The car owner said a man he knew only by his first name came to his house that night and accused him of messing around with his girlfriend. He said he told the man "That's impossible. I don't swing that way." His roommate, who had left earlier, said he did not notice anything wrong with the vehicle when he left.